This is the place to get the Original and Best Built Paracord Grab Handles Anywhere.Don't settle for just any Paracord Handle, Insist on the Best since 2010

All Surprise Straps are 100% Handmade in the USA. We Have been Manufacturing and Selling the Original Custom Paracord Grab Handles for Jeeps since 2010. Don't Settle for Just any Grab Handle. Insist on the Original and Best Built Paracord Grab Handles ANYWHERE. 

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Our Story

First and foremost we are an American owned and Family run small business. We own and Wheel Jeeps as often as possible and this Offroad experience helps us to create functional and colorful additions you need to make your Jeep or Truck uniquely yours.

Back in 2009 the owner, Daryll Rhea was making Paracord bracelets and key fobs for friends and family when one of the grab handles in his Jeep broke as his best friend was getting into the front seat. At that time there was not much of a choice in Grab handles out there and the ONLY choice was red or black with an uncomfortable rubber grip. He decided to try and make his own with the Paracord he was using for bracelets. After months and several attempts he came up with a totally new way to build and attach the Front roll bar set to the windshield and the roll bar that had never been done before. The Headrest set, Rear set, Center soundbar strap and a matching Key Fob soon followed. Later in 2010 we started selling the first Paracord Grab Handles on the internet and also set up as a vendor in our first Jeep show and the Paracord Grab Handles were a huge success. When the owner of COP4X4, Camp Crocker saw them he believed they were the best new jeep product of the year and went so far as to make them “Standard Equipment” in all the Jeeps he was building and we also made some very special straps for the Kracken.

In March of 2012 our new company was growing faster than 1 person could keep up with, part time after working 8-10  hours a day for someone else. So we made the decision to leave my “real” job and put all of our time and effort into building the Best Paracord Grab Handles anyone could buy. We currently attend around 6-8 Jeep shows each year from California up to Moab, Utah then down to Jeep Beach in Daytona, and several other shows along the way. We have sold thousands of Grab Handles in the past few years and have shipped Grab Straps to every State in the Country and even as far away as Australia, Canada and South Korea.

Please do not confuse any other Paracord grab handles you might see out there with our Surprise Straps. All of our straps are built using only 100% Nylon, American made #550 Paracord from the same Manufacturers that supply the US Military. All of our grab straps are built starting with #6000 lb Nylon webbing that is 1″ wide and then get the proper size grommets installed to make for a more Professional fit and finish to give them that built in “Factory Feel”. After the customer chooses the colors they want, the Paracord is Professionally braided to cover the Nylon webbing. We build them this way to make them wider at about 1 1/2″ and softer in your hand. This also allows the Paracord to be removed and used in a survival situation if needed. The Front set is built in the same way except that a 1  1/2″ wide,  #6500 lb webbing is sewn together with a Boxed “X” pattern using top quality UV treated thread to the braided 1″ webbing. The 1  1/2″ Heavy Duty webbing is used to attach the grab handle to the roll bar in just the perfect location, and allows the Strap to be tightened around the roll bar and is Perfect for getting in and out of your Jeep.

We only use American made #550 NYLON Paracord and never use the cheaper imported or Polyester Paracord that is out in the market now.

Go ahead and compare our straps to the new guys that figure that if they can watch a YouTube video and learn to make a bracelet, than a longer bracelet held together with a clip is “good enough” for a grab handle. Also the straps that are only built from #550 Paracord are very thin and not nearly strong enough since a single length of #550 Paracord only has a safe working load of #50 and they will break and let you down at the worst possible time. Also the constant rubbing of the Metal clip against the Paracord can eventually wear threw the cord. The way the cheep handles are build also do no allow you to tighten them around the roll bar, to keep them where you want them, and to stop them from closing around your hand when using them. The last thing to check is will the new guy still be around, if and when their strap breaks and you need them replaced. We have been building the Best Paracord Grab Handles possible for the past 5 years and we have 1000’s of customers happy and coming back again and again to get the perfect additions to their Jeeps.

You can be sure that you will love your new Surprise Straps Grab Handles for years to come. If you ever have an issue with our straps we will do whatever it takes to work with you to be sure that we keep you as another Happy customer.