This is the place to get the Original and Best Built Paracord Grab Handles Anywhere.Don't settle for just any Paracord Handle, Insist on the Best since 2010

All Surprise Straps are 100% Handmade in the USA. We Have been Manufacturing and Selling the Original Custom Paracord Grab Handles for Jeeps since 2010. Don't Settle for Just any Grab Handle. Insist on the Original and Best Built Paracord Grab Handles ANYWHERE. 

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Surprise Straps Gift Certificate

Do you know someone that would really Love a set of Surprise Straps for their Jeep or Truck? Just click on the button below to send them a Gift Certificate in the amount you want, so they can order the Straps they need, in the Colors they want the most. This is the perfect way to send someone you know and love that original gift they will use everyday. When you click on the button below you get to choose the amount of the gift. If there is any money left over after the order is shipped we will refund the extra amount to your PayPal account. Whoever you send this Gift Certificate to can use it like cash for anything on our website and it will be shipped directly to them.Awesome for Birthdays, Holidays or just to tell someone Thank You.